Our Team

Russell – Managing Director

Russell was invited to join Phoenix in 1994 after 21 years in the banking industry. Whilst new to the cleaning industry, Russell was not new to the requirements of large property groups. The years of working closely with property owners provided a platform where the special needs of this sector could be developed, and asset values enhanced.

Russell’s financial expertise has been invaluable in managing the growth of Phoenix and ensuring that it has the financial and labour resources to meet the dynamic requirements of its clients.

Grant – Operations Manager of Window Cleaning

Grant has 25 years experience in the window cleaning industry, 20 with Phoenix and is given responsibility of task co-ordination, client support and supplier liaison. Grant is also the main support to the Occupational Health & Safety manager and is closely involved with the development of many of the specialist safety techniques adopted by Phoenix in conjunction with the Victorian WorkCover Authority.

The role Grant provides is critical to the safe and successful operation of all the services provided by Phoenix on all of its sites.

Stacey – OHS Administration

Stacey has been with Phoenix for 5 years and comes with over 15 years experience in the office administration field. The role of Occupational Health & Safety Management within our organisation is one we consider the most important and Stacey has brought organisation and innovation to the role. Stacey has successfully implemented many new risk management tools to keep up to date with legislation and current trends throughout the industry.

Stuart – Operations Manager of Safety Systems & Maintenance

Stuart has over 16 years experience in the window cleaning industry and with Phoenix. The extensive knowledge and skills he offers have allowed Phoenix to provide a complete building maintenance service for high access areas. Stuart is responsible for the management of maintenance projects and the height access & safety solutions team.

Stuart ‘s IRATA and Sayfa accreditation gives us the opportunity to install, test and report on all height safety systems including anchor points. Giving ourselves, our staff, and our clients complete assurance of safety.